Haven Title Services, Inc. is an authorized agent of Chicago Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company. It provides title examination and title insurance services to lenders and purchasers throughout North Georgia. D. Wayne McCurley is the primary title examination attorney. He has over 28 years of title examination experience in both residential and commercial properties.

Haven Title Services, Inc. offers competitive rates and exceptional service to get your real estate transaction to a successful conclusion.


Haven Exchange Services, LLC is an independent exchange company, which is not officially affiliated with our law firm, but is a company with which we regularly work when Sellers wish to contract with an exchange intermediary as part of a real estate transaction.  Haven Exchange Services handles IRC Section 1031 real estate exchanges, including reverse exchanges.   The exchange company is independently owned by Whit Smith, who can be reached at (770) 403-7543.


Property Tax Experts, LLC is a tax appeal business specializing in appealing tax assessment values for commercial and residential properties in Georgia. Since forming in 2008, we have saved our clients over $1 million in property taxes by negotiating with county tax assessor’s offices to reduce the assessment values of properties for our clients.

Our clients consist of banks, builders, developers, investment funds, homeowners and commercial property owners. We have resolved appeals on over 2,000 parcels in over 15 counties across the state of Georgia through negotiations with county tax assessors and representation at Board of Equalization hearings.

While our tax appeal company consists of attorneys with real estate backgrounds, we do not provide any legal services. However, should a client wish to appeal a tax assessment to Superior Court pursuant to their rights under Georgia law, the attorneys in our firm have the capability to handle that process through their law firm, Smith, Tumlin, McCurley & Patrick, P.C., to provide all of the legal needs of the client.

If you feel that your property is overvalued by the county tax assessor, we would be glad to set up a consultation with you to evaluate your property and discuss how we might help you to save money on your property taxes.